Indoor Navigation during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer your visitors an indoor navigation experience in accordance with the “new normal” conditions. We digitize the floor plans of your space in just a few days and make it available to your visitors via QR codes.

Contactless navigation with QR codes

QR codes are placed on the boards or information screens. Visitors who scan this code with their smartphones can easily navigate inside the venue. So there is no need to ask the staff or touch the digital kiosk screens.

Save time with the shortest route

The shortest route is shown to the desired place and the walking distance is shown as time. In addition, opening-closing times are given. Thus, visitors can plan how long they will stay in the venue.

Display of hygiene units such as pharmacy, infirmary, toilet

Hygiene units are highlighted and displayed on maps to meet the needs such as mask purchase and hand washing and visitors are provided to reach these units quickly. Visitors can also report or call healthcare professionals.

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